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Welcome to iRadioLIVE.com: news/politics/creative empowerment – audio/video/reads.

This site operated by Zuma Dogg (ZumaDogg.com) — and will feature best of news/politics talk, from across the internet — and links to related articles. If you follow DrudgeReport.com, you may like this site. If you like Michael Savage/Mark Levin/Rush Limbaugh/Dennis Prager/Sean Hannity/Michael Medved/Ben Shapiro/Talk radio, you may like this site.

ALSO HIGHLY FEATURED=ZD’s – “Creative Empowerment” (Marketing Strategy/Q&P/NLP/Mind/Spirit/Quantum/Consciousness/Creative; based on Richard Bandler (NLP)/Dr. W. E. Deming (Q&P)/Al Ries & Jack Trout (Sun-Tzu Based Marketing Warfare Strategy)/Tony Robbins (NLP)/Wayne Dyer/Marianne Williamson/Deepak Chopra/M Scott Peck/Shakti Gawain(Spirit & Consciousness)/Stephen Hawking (Quantum).

WHO IS #ZumaDogg (ZD)?: AUGUST 2014 @MayorSam BLOG (L.A.’s ORIGINAL POLITICAL BLOGGER): “#ZumaDogg’s WARNINGS turning out to be CORRECT/TRUE: Anyway, when I think of things these days regarding the state of the city, I ask myself, “What did Zuma Dogg tell us 3-5-10 years ago?” Fortunately, I can easily search the archives of Mayor Sam or one of Zuma’s many blogs to find just that. Or even a Google search turns up a treasure trove. L.A. Councilman Richard Alarcon once said; he didn’t want Zuma Dogg dictating policy. But in the end, Zuma Dogg was right about so many things and Alarcon is now a convicted criminal. READ FULL ARTICLE ON MAYOR SAM’S BLOG (See “Richard Alarcon” video, below.)

U.S. HISTORY (See article)ZD’s City Hall – “Public Comment” YouTube page (The History, going down in reality, real time.) 

This former L.A. City Councilman, (now a convicted criminal, as of July 2014) WHINING, “I DO NOT want Zuma Dogg dictating policy, for the City of Los Angeles!,” as ZD was putting an END to his shady piece of the pie (“Special Event Fee” waivers.) At it turned out, the elected councilmember was the bad guy! NOT the guy exposing him. Go figure.

Click here for ZD’s L.A. City Hall/Political Blog



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