January 01, 2015: HeatPolitics.com – Intro/Welcome Video (First Rant from Santa Monica Beach Remote Studio)

Welcome to the new HeatPolitics.com: People in Los Angeles will recognize our host, Zuma Dogg, from #LACityNews/#LADailyBlog/#LosAngeles #CityHall/#CityCouncil gadfly/blogging/activism.

Check FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in Censorship of The Public (READ RULING), to learn YOUR 1st Amendment/Free Speech rights, as defined by the FEDERAL JUDGE; because it applies to the entire country; and if you don’t know your rights, they are taken from you, I have learned.

Will tweet links to best videos/podcasts, in the @HeatPolitics feed, to the right of this post.

Also, if your brain is beyond football (New Year’s Day TV programming); check out the videos, in this YouTube playlist, as a starting point/introduction. CATEGORY: Fraud/Waste/Abuse/Corruption (All the angles.) And, check the other posts on this blog.

Here’s the playlist, of which the top/new video is LEAST compelling/a warm up video, for the New Year, before first cup of coffee was…

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