Talk Show Topics for Monday January, 05, 2015 – via @HeatPolitics on Twitter (in this embedded blog post.)

RECENT TWEETS (01.05.15) – @HeatPolitics tweet stream is embedded at, along with LIVE STREAM/Videos/Podcasts/Everything.

Get to know our media personality/host in his first rant of the new year 2015. (HILARIOUS!)

ALL VIDEOS (Comedy/Political Rants/Music)

  1. #PROBLEM w #MILLENNIALS: @Oprah (no conservative) says young black protesters=not focused/no message=THEY attack Oprah, instead of evolving.

  2. ONE name ALWAYS mentioned, by EVERY talk show host, along with BIG BRAND NAME #Republican/#GOP presidential possibilities IS=@ScottWalker.

  3. #HeatPolitics LIVE STEAM, ON-AIR! Like Bravo channel, catch L.A. gadfly EXPOSE L.A. City Hall corruption, on LIVE TV: 

  4. NEWS/TALK: @NYPost reveals #AlSharpton “shake downs”=to NOT speak out, as well. WHAT if it’s YOUR issue he squashes? 

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